MJ’s Upcoming Shows

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Please join me when you can. Fans are the super most important part of the gig.



Friday, February 2nd – Beat Cafe – 5:30 – 8:30. The party blast returns with more music and spoken word! Join me and Candace Bellamy as well as local comedian Carlton Wilcoxin […]

Blue Pearls

MJ and Mark

For immediate release: new EP’s from MJ Torance and Mark Epstein – aka The Blue Pearls


In the eye of the hurricane:

It’s chaos out there. If we take the bait, we can get carried away. But there’s an eye in the hurricane. A place where it’s calm, still […]

“No matter what they say, no matter what they do, Sing True”



Tall Tales from a Small Texan

A Bison Tale

An Awakening

I woke up to a morning on the edge of freezing in the Black Hills with a bison just on the other side of my tent, grazing and breathing heavily. His head was bigger than me, which seemed to wipe out any urgency about anything. He munched grass while I […]

More Flower Power


Happy 2014 and a big thank you to the neighborhood folks and all my sweet “peeps” who come to eat the very delicious fare at Thai Fresh on Sundays. The food is always fresh, and it’s organic and local if at all possible. Norm and I have a blast – especially when the wee ones […]

Love We Become


Love We Become has gotten the most hits on reverbnation so here’s the lyrics.

Dedicated to the memory of Jane Ellen Jacob.


Love We Become


Told that her path would be shorter

Told no reason for hope

She wore the scars of disease with consummate ease

Laughed and smiled and passed another […]

Sing True

I teamed up with Mark Epstein to write and produce a 5 song EP of lyrically charged rock and groove. Sing True features the musical talents of Red Young, Rob Hooper, Jake Langley, Aaron Lack, Mark and myself, and was recorded with Stuart Sullivan at Wire. Additional vocals were recorded at […]

MJ’s April update

Hey folks,

The Texas Community Music Festival is happening this weekend, April 27th and 28th. There is so much good music. If you are there on Sunday, I’ll be playing a quick set on my acoustic guitar at noon.


Welcome to my new blog.

I am reveling in “Flower Power,” evident in all things right now. Even my music.

Bloom on!