Blue Pearls


MJ and MarkMJ and MarkMJ and MarkMJ and Mark

For immediate release: new EP’s from MJ Torance and Mark Epstein – aka The Blue Pearls


In the eye of the hurricane:

It’s chaos out there.  If we take the bait, we can get carried away.  But there’s an eye in the hurricane.  A place where it’s calm, still and safe.  This batch of songs from MJ and Mark explore that safe place.  That place we can all turn to.

The song Sleepwalker beckons us to wake up from our mindless habitual state.  We don’t have to sleep thru life.  We can choose to wake up.  So wake up!   Love Said is a conversation with love.  Have you ever actually spoken to love??  Get Out of My Head is just that. Get out of my head.  Get into my heart – where it matters.  Stop f*^king around.  And Drunken Flower is what we can become.   Sounds like fun, right


‘Sing True’

Songs from the heart

In a world that loves to focus on negativity, MJ and Mark point us to the positive – the light inside. Without being preachy, themes of redemption, love and light weave through infectious pop tunes.  Light and breezy ‘Sweet Spot’ sings to us that we can sidestep disaster by remaining in the eye of our own hurricane.  ‘Sing True‘ is sung to a newborn reminding us to stay true to our hearts.  MJ’s evocative vocals welcome these songs into your ears and hearts.  Sharing a common thread, each is it’s own sonic animal: no chasing trends here.


The Blue Pearls

MJ is an Austin veteran recording artist w/8 published CDs.  She has lent her talents to many projects with her work featured in documentaries and numerous artist CDs.  She has also worked as a musical director and radio DJ.   Her lullaby, Rock me ‘till the Dawn, is archived in the Brooklyn 911 memorial.  No matter what life is dishing out, MJ keeps getting better at finding the bliss even in pain, always aiming for the “Sweet Spot.”

Mark has based his operations in NY, LA, Hawaii and now Austin, TX., writing, producing, performing and educating.  As a bassist he has a long list of credits – touring the world with Johnny Winter, Joe Bonamassa and many others.  His writing and producing credits have been featured on motion pictures, television, multimedia programs, and numerous artist’s CD’s.  He is also a published author.

For more information visit / / 512 291 4683 / / 808 357 7742


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